Process development and transfer for plastic component production

In our own tool manufacturing facility we apply highly advanced systems and methods of precision and ultra-precision machining, using micro-structuring technologies to produce plastic components that implement the customer-specific demands.

Our services cover the whole range of design consulting for the production-appropriate configuration of stamping, injecting molding and injection stamping tools for the desired components. We provide you advice in order to optimize all customer-relevant components for an optimal production process – regardless of whether for functional components, optical components, or fluid or HF applications.

Our simulation-supported tool design enables a cost-efficient design, beginning with all common CAD formats. To implement the customer's requirements, the appropriate tool is then produced via in-house CAM lines trimmed to the highest precision. If necessary, additional microstructuring technologies are brought in from our close-knit partner network.

Integrated Approach to Process Development and Transfer

Our integrated approach to manufacturing injection molding tools is based on completing every single step in the value chain with the highest precision. With our simulation that is specially trimmed to the highest precision, cutting-edge CAD and CAM technology and the latest production technologies, we build stamping tools, injection tools and injection stamping tools with otherwise unmatched precision. For measurement, we have the latest measurement methods for determining the shape accuracy and surface to mark even complex 3D geometries up to the nanometer range.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of tool making and injection molding, we offer the best possible conditions for manufacturing your product. Do you also need an individual solution? Then get in touch with us.

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