Full-service provider of 3D-MID prototypes and small series

In the manufacturing of 3D-MID we offer all steps from one source, from development, to the entire process chain, to the series product.

3D circuit carriers such as molded interconnect devices (MIDs) offer the developer a wide range of freedom that can be utilized to integrate mechanical and electronic functions, reduce the number of components and assembly steps, and miniaturize existing products. The design and production of MIDs at Hahn-Schickard benefit from our many years of experience in all substeps of the MID design and production processes.

Short distances, flawless results

For our customers, we select the eligible materials, construct an injection molding capable MID base body, and define the geometrics of the conducting path so that the design incorporates the special characteristics of MID technology for subsequent production at optimal yield. We manufacture prototypes and small series in our facilities using our own injection molding systems. The tools required for this are produced in our facilities. In-house laser direct structuring, metalization and assembly result in short distances and high-quality, flawless results for our customers.

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