Thin-layer technology for deposition of layers

We apply metal layers and layer systems on different base materials, primarily via physical vapor deposition (PVD) through sputtering.

PVD coatings are finding a broad spectrum of applications (e.g. as an optical reflection layer or as seed layer for outside-electroless chemical or galvanic metalization). Hahn-Schickard has a high vacuum layer system for these types of layers, with which different substrate materials, such as plastics, glass, or ceramics, can be coated. For example, layers of aluminum, gold, chrome copper, nickel, titanium, zirconium, or silicone dioxide can be deposited via RF or DC magnetron sputtering. Through the equipment configuration with three magnetrons up to three different layer materials can be applied in one coating process.

Optimization of the bonding strength and structuring of the layer

Plasma pretreatment that is integrated in the equipment is available for optimal bonding strength of the PVD layer. In addition intermediate layers, consisting of a suitable bonding agent, ensure reliable layer adhesion. Chemical and galvanic deposition processes are available for post-strengthening of the PVD layers. The layers can be structured via laser technology or maskless lithography, if for example a conductive pattern will be generated on the component surface.

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