Laser technologies for microstructured 3D surfaces

Laser structuring can generate ultra-small trace widths on thermoplastic or ceramic 3D circuit carriers, for instance. It can also generate microstructures in metals.

At Hahn-Schickard multiple 3D scanning laser systems are available for the laser structuring of different materials. We use ns-pulsed IR lasers and LPKF LDS® processes to structure 3D-MID. Moreover we have developed processes for laser-based selective metalization of substrate materials, such as thermosets and ceramics. For high-precision laser ablation of metallic materials, at Hahn-Schickard we offer a ps-pulsed laser system with 3D scanner and a focus diameter to 10 µm. For laser separation and laser cutting processes, in particular of film substrates and printed circuit boards, a UV laser system is available.

Laser systems for series production

Due to our many years of process development experience for laser-structured 3D circuit carriers, we are a competent partner for your structuring tasks; this includes process development of your new 3D-MID, as well as for thermoset or ceramic 3D circuit carriers. Our laser systems for the LPKF LDS® process are suitable for series production, which means that we can provide design development and process development in line with production requirements. Building on these systems we offer manufacturing of first series and small-scale production.

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