SMD placement of electronic, optical and microsystem components

Surface mount technology (SMT) of electronic, optical and microsystem components (SMD) is one of the most important technologies for building miniaturized systems.

On flat substrates, such as PCBs or on three-dimensional circuit carriers, such as molded interconnect devices (3D MIDs), SMT is the technological basis of electronic assemblies. Depending on the area of application, a broad portfolio of placement and contacting technology is available. In addition to conventional convection soldering and vapor-phase soldering, we also offer special techniques, such as laser soldering or isotropic conductive adhesion (ICA) of temperature-critical components. Supported by simulation we develop and optimize possibilities for improving the reliability of SMT processes over a wide variety of substrates. We employ a number of analysis methods in-house, such as X-ray imaging, CT scanning, ultrasonic microscopy, and other methods as needed for comprehensive characterization of the SMD assembly.

Customer-specific solution for SMD assembly

We provide customer-specific solutions, develop processes, and transfer these processes as needed for your applications. Through numerous research projects and industrial contracts, Hahn-Schickard has extensive development and manufacturing know-how in the area of SMD placement, particularly on demanding substrates, such as 3D-MID or with temperature-sensitive components.

Prototypes, first-series and small-scale series are machined on industrial grade, automated equipment. This means that your assemblies can be optimally designed with regard to industrial manufacturing and the knowledge and process data obtained in the preliminary phases can be effectively scaled to higher quantities. Nevertheless, thanks to our flexible structures, if necessary we also provide short delivery times.

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