Laser welding of plastics

Adhesive-free, hermetically sealed, and low-stress

With laser transmission welding, a laser-transparent material is joined with a laser-absorbing material. The materials must be in direct contact with each other. The laser beam penetrates the transparent material and ensures that the joining partners are locally melted and welded together on the connecting surface for the absorbing material. At concurrent movement of the laser beam, the weld seam occurs as contour in the interior of the component, without releasing particles. The connections generated in this manner are durable, have high mechanical strength and are hermetically sealed. The fact that no glue or solvent is used makes this process particularly interesting for applications in the areas of medical technology or analytics. Thanks to local introduction of heat, a minimal thermal load of the components is enabled. This means that weld seams can be generated even in the direct vicinity of electronic components.

Firmly connect plastic components together using laser beams

At Hahn-Schickard different methods of laser-based plastic welding are used: contour welding, quasi-simultaneous welding, simultaneous welding, and mask welding. We have extensive skills in the areas of materials, tools, applications, and layout. We develop practical solution approaches together with our customers. We implement these solutions in small-scale production or also in medium-scale production as needed, or we transfer the process to our customer's production.

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