Handling and packaging of microchips

Microchips can be mounted and connected directly from the wafer onto printed circuit boards by using the die-attach and flip-chip technique. Handling imposes rigorous requirements on precision and cleanliness.

Pick-up of the chips from the wafer, accurate referencing, and positioning with micrometer precision occur in our clean room. Our automatic chip assemblers ensure excellent reproducibility and productivity. In preparation for a subsequent wire-bonding step, the chips can be glued or soldered to the substrate with the connections pointing upward. Alternatively, flip-chip technology offers the possibility of electrical and mechanical connection in the intermediate space between the chip and circuit carrier.

Chip placement experts

Where three-dimensional circuit carriers, flexible substrates, and highly-integrated assemblies are concerned, we offer our customers years of broad experience. Our competencies include sensitive MEM assemblies or VCSEL laser diodes, as well as precise positioning of optoelectronic chips relative to external reference points.

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