Flexible 3D placement of complex 3D circuit carriers

Flexible three-dimensional placement makes it possible to drive the advance of miniaturization and integrate function elements, such as SMD components, into a system with ever greater precision.

We provide customer-specific solutions, develop processes, and transfer these processes as needed for your applications. Depending on the area of application, a broad portfolio of placement technology is available. In addition to conventional soldering and bonding processes and wire bonding (thin wire, thick wire and ribbon) special joining methods, such as resistance welding, and laser soldering are available. Moreover we offer many analysis methods for characterization of the three-dimensional integrated circuit packaging technology (CT, shear test, metallography, EDX, and many more). Alignment, AOI, and integrated inspections round out our quality control.

Through numerous research projects and industry contracts Hahn-Schickard has gained extensive manufacturing know-how in the area of 3D placement. Our experience enables us to offer first series and small-scale series production, in addition to prototypes. Because we produce the 3D substrates concurrently in house the competencies are bundled. This means that the circuit carriers can be optimally designed, with short delivery times.

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