Production of mold inserts via additive manufacturing

With additive manufacturing for small-scale series production in real material

Utilization of additive manufacturing for the production of injection mold inserts opens the possibility to manufacture prototypes out of real material. Die inserts are suitable for small-scale series production through use of a filled material, and design and layout that are suitable for injection molding.

Production of injection-molded prototypes with the assistance of additive manufacturing is much more cost-effective, as compared with conventional tool and die making.

The DLP technique is ideal for die inserts

At Hahn-Schickard the entire process chain, from design of the tool or mold with support of appropriate injection molding simulation, production of the die insert through additive manufacturing, and process management are mapped to the injection molding equipment.
The DLP (digital light processing) process is used for the additively manufactured die inserts. This process enables the use of filled materials and offers a large install space, ideal for die inserts.

The design freedom of additive manufacturing

Hahn-Schickard looks back over many years of conventional injection molding experience. By transferring this experience to the production of additively manufactured core and cavity inserts it is possible to generate technical thermosets in small-scale series production. In this process the design freedom offered by additive manufacturing is utilized, for example for integration of cooling channels. PLASTCure Rigid 10500 is used as the material for production of these die inserts. This material offers high temperature resistance and hardness, as well as excellent reproduction of even the finest mold detail, which makes it suitable for use and process control in injection molding.

Cost-effective, small-scale series production from injection molding

The biggest advantage of die inserts produced through additive manufacturing is the low cost, as compared to conventional tool and die making. Hahn-Schickard can offer this process chain, starting with consulting, layout and design to simulation and additive manufacturing on through to injection molding. Short process times for customer-specific solutions are the result.

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