Let there be light - Intelligent lighting solutions for the smart home

We develop intelligent lighting systems with variable light distribution curve and color temperature parameters.

Modern lighting systems offer customizable lighting profiles, which are tailored to the exact wishes of the user. Smart lighting is characterized by the use of LEDs, networking, and control systems. As a result, variable light distribution curves, color temperatures or color spectra can be achieved in a lighting system. We offer a fully modular and intelligent LED lighting system that provides a variable light distribution curve and/or controllable color temperature. We can create custom products from LED modules for commercial use on the stage, in showrooms and sales rooms, and wherever you need individually controllable, intelligent lighting. The modular technology makes it possible to tailor the lighting module precisely to your needs based on our flexible manufacturing process.

Low energy consumption and long service life

Our lighting system combines the low energy consumption and long service life of LEDs with the unrestricted spatial design possibilities of a 3D MID. It is complemented by intelligent, compact, locally arranged driver electronics and sensor technology, which offers not only a design-oriented layout but also opportunities for implementing a wealth of new and innovative lighting concepts. Programmable lighting profiles can be realized and light can be controlled and moved without moving parts. The ability to simulate temperature distributions on the MID makes it possible to evaluate various concepts for heat dissipation while they are still in the concept phase.

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