Gamification - Harnessing the urge to play

Today’s children and teenagers are growing up with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and they strongly identify with them. Thanks to gamification, these mobile devices can also be used to support therapies.

Gamification, digitization, mobile healthcare, personalized medicine and bio-feedback are among the new trends in medicine and medical technology. These trends seek to increase the effectiveness of the treatment using a state-of-the-art therapy that is geared to the needs of the patient in order to avoid side effects and thus to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Mobile devices and applications are optimally suited to take advantage of these trends.

More motivation and thus better therapy results

The potentials and opportunities created by digitized healthcare can be customized through smart data processing and analysis that is based on accurate patient information. Through gamification, eHealth developments and the related new treatment concepts and devices can lead to increased motivation, for example during therapy. As you can see from the hype surrounding the Pokémon Go game, positive feedback can motivate people to exercise more and go outside. This effect can also be utilized in the medical treatment field.

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