Component analysis

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The advanced FEM simulation methodology with the ANSYS® program is used for the design of sensors, electronic assemblies and plastic parts when exposed to temperature changes, high temperatures and vibrations. This makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively assess the impact of designs, component and material selection and assembly processes on reliability as early as the design phase. We use the DIGIMAT and Surface Evolver programs as tools for even more precise modeling. With DIGIMAT the orientation of the fillers can be used directly from the injection molding simulation of the component to take into account the anisotropic material character of reinforced or filled polymers. The formation of AVT connecting materials can be calculated using the Surface Evolver and used in a subsequent analysis with ANSYS.

We calculate, analyze and simulate:

  • Assembly load under thermomechanical stress
  • Structural mechanics and vibration of electronic and plastic-based assemblies
  • Coupled simulation (multiphysics) of electrical-thermal processes in electronic assemblies
  • Heat transfer in electronic assemblies
  • Parameter-based sensitivity analysis and design optimization