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Point-of-need control of zoonotic pathogens in meat (ZEUS)

The goal of the project ZEUS is the development of a point-of-need test for the safe and fast analysis of zoonotic pathogens in meat samples. With the use of the ZEUS test the prevalence of zoonotic pathogens can easily be controlled on every level during food production, especially in slaughterhouses and in food processing factories.

The cases of disease caused by contaminated food are still relatively high in Germany. The main source of infection is food that is contaminated with zoonotic pathogens. One important measure to prevent contact of the consumer with zoonotic pathogens is the control of production processes where the raw meat is produced or further processed. However, to date there are no devices or technical solutions available that allow control at the point of need. Therefore, the main goal of the project ZEUS is the development of a user-friendly cartridge that allows the secure and fast analysis of zoonotic pathogens in meat samples.

For processing the ZEUS cartridge a standard laboratory centrifuge is used and the results are available within 1 hour. The result of the test is directly visible per eye. Thereby, the ZEUS test can easily be applied by untrained personnel at the site of meat production or by official veterinaries to immediately withdraw contaminated meat from production. With the consequent use of the ZEUS test the risk for consumers to get in contact with zoonotic pathogens from meat is expected to be reduced substantially.

Project Management Jülich
Funding Number
01.07.2016 to 30.06.2019
Maturity Level



  • Centrifugal microfluidics
  • Assay automation
  • Platforms for standard laboratory equipment
  • Food analytics
  • Water and environmental analysis