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Scenario-oriented emergency diagnostics for field deployment (S.O.N.D.E.)

The goal of the S.O.N.D.E. research project is the development of mobile, fully integrated diagnostics systems for the detection of pathogens and B-agents (because analysis methods being using currently are frequently based on stationary analysis devices). The relevant investigations are both time-consuming and inflexible.

The focus of the S.O.N.D.E. project is the development of a diagnostics system for field deployment, whereby the sample is to be prepared and analyzed fully automatically with a portable device. A microfluidic single-use cartridge is used as the basis for sample preparation, in which all reagents required for the analysis are pre-stored. This cartridge, based on peel technique, is to be inserted into a mobile base device.

Funding Number
01.09.2008 to 31.08.2012
Cooperation Partner
University of Freiburg, Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK),
University Clinic Göttingen, Institute for Virology University Clinic Freiburg, Institute for Molecular Medicine and Cell Research University of Freiburg, Center for Applied Biosciences ESE Embedded System Engineering GmbH Robert Koch Institute Center for Biological Safety (ZBS)
Maturity Level