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Quality control for diagnostic cartridges (Control+)

The Control+ project aims to establish a holistic quality control system for the production of diagnostic cartridges. To this end, the pilot line production facilities already in place at Hahn-Schickard are being expanded to include individual elements of quality control that are being developed at the respective partners.

Thus, an optical volume control will be integrated into a functionalization system, which allows the dispensing of small volumes of liquid reagents (> 1.5 μL). In addition to the functionalization system, an element of quality control will also be added to the sealing system. For this purpose, an optical control will be integrated directly into the sealing line. To ensure the traceability of the semi-finished products and products, fluorescent marker particles will be introduced into each individual cartridge. Suitable detectors will be used to record the statistical and therefore individual distribution of the particles in the space, enabling all semi-finished products and products to be unambiguously assigned. In parallel to the work already described, the production facilities of partly different manufacturers are to be combined to form a virtual, networked production unit.

Entwicklung einer 100-Prozent-Qualitätskontrolle mit Rückverfolgbarkeit inklusive Fälschungsschutz für die Fertigung diagnostischer Testträger für medizinische Anwendungen (Control+)
PTKA Projektträger Karlsruhe
Funding Number
01.03.2019 to 28.02.2022
Cooperation Partner
Kontron AIS GmbH, BioFluidix GmbH, Polysecure GmbH, senswork GmbH, Spindiag GmbH
Maturity Level