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Research and Transfer Center for MicroMedical Manufacturing - MedAssembly

The Research and Transfer Center MedAssembly provides consulting, design, manufacturing and testing services for miniaturized medical devices and components as a service to SMEs.

Innovative companies operating as developers as well as manufacturers in the field of medical engineering serve a strongly regulated market. For both, the admission process but also introduction to the market, the production of prototype samples and a so-called initial batch or pilot production are required (some hundreds to thousands pieces depending on the product).

In this context, the service of MedAssembly offers to lower the risk of both product develop-ment and manufacturing during the admissions and market introduction phase.

Thus, the transformation of new technical solutions into products can be implemented by SMEs much faster and with lower risks as the early development is guided by professional attendance from conception phase on, while high capital expenditures for manufacturing ca-pacities can be strongly reduced.

MedAssembly offers a compliant manufacturing environment, its organization conforming to standards and the knowledge of the numerous admission requirements.

Research and Transfer Center for MicroMedical Manufacturing - MedAssembly
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg
European Regional Development Fund (EFRE)
Funding Number
13.12.2016 to 31.12.2021
Maturity Level



  • Business Development
  • Innovation Management
  • Technology Management and Transfer
  • Micro Medicine