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3D microtumor analysis for personalized therapy (ADAPT)

Development of an automated platform technology for in vitro experiments with three-dimensional microtumors (tumoroids), which will be used in the clinical environment for a more targeted personalized tumor therapy.

The aim of the project is to provide a platform for in vitro experiments with microtumors from human tissue that meets the requirements of both pharmaceutical drug research and personalized medicine in terms of miniaturization, standardization, automation, flexibility and throughput.

In contrast to animal experiments and current alternatives, such as "organ-on-chip" concepts, the present project pursues a "chip-free" in vitro approach based on a conventional 384 microtiter plate. Through the fully automated execution by means of a processing platform to be developed in the project, a previously unattained throughput as well as flexibility with regard to process control is achieved, which far exceeds the possibilities of chip-based approaches.

Employing threedimensional microtumors, the predictivity of preclinical studies will be optimized, resulting in more patient-specific active substances being produced and identified, while concurrently minimizing the number of animal experiments (reduce). In addition, by using physiologically relevant 3D tumor models, active substances can be dosed more precisely in subsequent in vivo experiments, which can lead to a reduction in animal suffering (refine).

Automatisierte Plattform für 3D-Mikrotumor-Analysen zur personalisierten Therapie (ADAPT)
Project Management Jülich
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Department of Microsystems Engineering of the University of Freiburg - IMTEK, 2cureX
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Sabrina Kartmann

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  • Non-contact dispensing systems
  • Sensor development
  • Volumetric measurement technology
  • Liquid handling
  • Laboratory automation