Differential pressure sensor

For the Gruner company in Wehingen, we have developed a differential pressure sensor for controlling air conditioning systems together with 2E mechatronic.

The core element of the sensor is a thermal flow sensor chip that Hahn-Schickard has been producing in larger quantities since 2002. The integrated flow channel is now integrated in the silicon chip. The sensor chip and the housing technology have been completely reworked. The result is a sensor element which has outer dimensions that have been significantly reduced. At the same time, the measurement range has been extended by a factor of 5. Using 3D-MID technology, it has been possible to integrate the electrical conductors directly with the plastic housing. This results in a sensor element that can be easily soldered to printed circuit boards like electronic SMD components. This development, which went into series production in 2012, won the 2011 Innovation Prize from the "Spatial electronic components 3-D MID" Research Association.

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