Reactive joining in micro connection technology (REMTEC)

The joint "Reactive joining in micro connection technology" (REMTEC) project is pursuing the goal of making available the technology of reactive joining to German SMEs. The technological problems of producing and structuring reactive systems as standalone film or directly on the part using PVD and electroplating are addressed. This sub-project pursues the goal of integrating the reactive joining process on the basis of individual components into a production process chain, thereby verifying industrial usability. The process technology for layer separation, component-specific ignition process and component-specific joining process are developed using two functional samples - a dew point sensor and an acceleration sensor.

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Funding Number: 17368 N
Duration: 01.12.2011 to 30.11.2014
Cooperation Partner: Fraunhofer-IWS Dresden, ZfM TU Chemnitz, Fraunhofer-ISIT Itzehoe
Maturity Level: Research > Research pattern


Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher
Phone: +49 7721 943-237