Flexible production platform for customized single-use LabDiscs in the field of on-site diagnostic of respiratory diseases and individualized medicine (ProKORA)

Quelle: Harro Höfliger

Objective of the project ProKORA is the development of flexible processes to manufacture single-use on-site diagnostic test discs. The sought processes are focused on the fast-growing market of in-vitro-diagnostic test discs. The main motivation is to close the gap between the fabrication of small quantities in form of prototypes and the large scale serial production of market-ready products.

The described project is focused on the development of a new, automatic back-end process to functionalize, charge and seal microfluidic test discs using a design for the detection of respiratory pathogens. Looking like CDs, LabDisks are polymer plates with microchannels and chambers containing ingredients to analyze a patient sample on site. By rearrangement of the microstructure and by change of the prestored reagents, the application can be adapted to many different analytical tasks. This project concentrates on the development of an automatic sealing process and how to implement an in-process quality control. The main challenge will be the reliable serial production of filigree structures down to a few microns with a high clock speed.

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Funding Number: 02P15K103
Duration: 01.10.2015 to 30.09.2017
Cooperation Partner: BioFluidix GmbH, altona DIAGNOSTICS GmbH, biotechrabbit GmbH
Maturity Level: Research > Research pattern > Prototype > Product


Dr. Rouven Streller
Phone: +49 761 203-73205