Point-of-need control of animal species in meat products (Species-IDent)

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The goal of the project Species-IDent is the development of a point of need test for the safe and fast analysis of animal species in raw and processed meat products. The innovative Species-IDent test allows for the first time the control of meat products both by untrained personnel in food processing industry and by food inspectors in suspected cases or routine checks.

In 2013 the food industry processed horsemeat unknowingly, with the result that the final food product came to market without being labeled accordingly. Today and then the main problem is that the authenticity of raw or processed meat can only be determined by highly specific molecular analyses. These methods usually involve special equipment, are highly time-consuming and can only be carried out by trained personnel in a laboratory. To solve these problems an innovative system will be developed within the project Species-IDent, that allows the easy and rapid detection of six different animal species in meat samples at the point of need (e.g. in meat processing companies). The mobile Species-IDent system will be integrated in a carrying bag that includes the Species-IDent cartridge and a commercial detector that can be operated with batteries. Therefore the system is suitable for usage in the field. In summary the main goal of the project Species-IDent is to reduce the risk for the consumer to get in contact with meat products that are not labeled according to their content.

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Sponsor: ZIM
Promoter: AiF
Funding Number: ZF4002615AW6
Duration: 01.02.2017 to 31.01.2020
Cooperation Partner: German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL), Teufel Prototypen GmbH, CIBUS Biotech GmbH, Microbiology and Animal Hygiene of the University of Göttingen
Maturity Level: Research


PhD Ana Homann
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