Verification of respiratory illnesses – PARCIVAL

To diagnose illnesses of the air ways, we are developing a lab-on-a-chip platform with which a number of analytes can be detected simultaneously (e.g. biomarkers for the severity of an infection, as well as pathogens and their resistances). In the process, we are pursuing the analysis of patient sample and the collection of airborne germs. This will enable on-site tests and specific therapies, and can reduce the non-specific use of antibiotics. The platform includes fully integrated microfluidic test carriers which are only processed automatically with one rotation axis without any other connectors. The goal is a platform for the simultaneous, quantitative verification of up to 24 parameters at the point-of-need

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Funding Number: 2412
Duration: 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2014
Maturity Level: Research > Research pattern > Prototype


Dr. Oliver Strohmeier
Phone: +49 761 203-73232