Near-patient screening for the diagnosis of antibiotic resistant pathogens in hospital (NesDiag)

Whether in medicine, biotechnology or agriculture the questions to be answered by rapid point-of-care analysis of diagnostic parameters are manifold. A highly relevant example is to prevent spreading of antibiotic resistant pathogens. In Germany, every year 400,000 to 900,000 people get infected with pathogens while receiving treatment in a hospital. Especially antibiotic resistant pathogens are difficult to fight. Tenthousands of patients die every year due to insufficient analytical means.

Screenings which take place right after a patient is brought to hospital help identify the persons infected with multi-resistant pathogens. These patients can then be isolated. Up to now, there are no satisfying technical solutions. The NesDiag project aims at developing a mobile analytical platform for the mentioned scenario. We will develop a portable device based on our centrifugal-microfluidic platform “LabDisk” for a comprehensive and automated point-of-care diagnosis. Parallel PCR testing provides laboratory grade results within less than an hour directly at the point of need.

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Funding Number: 031B0077A
Duration: 01.02.2016 to 31.12.2018
Cooperation Partner: Altona Diagnostics, velixX, CRUX, Uniklinik Freiburg, Uni Jena
Maturity Level: Research > Research pattern > Prototype


Dr. Oliver Strohmeier
Phone: +49 761 203-73232

SpinDiag: fighting drug-resistant bacteria

SpinDiag is a spin-off company of Hahn-Schickard which develops a solution for rapid screening of patients in hospitals.