Chemically resistant, low-cost pressure sensor on printed circuit boards (PCB) – MECOD

The objectives of the research project are firstly the development of the technological fundamentals for the design and production of an innovative, capacitive pressure sensor with chemically resistant converter diaphragm based on a PCB. Secondly, appropriate chemically resistant casing concepts are to be developed using casings with thermoset die castings (among others). A new technological approach is adopted for this pressure sensor - which has the potential of producing comparatively simple layout pressure sensors with high chemical resistance, media separation and good accuracy. Standard SMT production lines can be used to make the key sensor components (as already available at many SMEs). All of the components required can be procured at low cost without long development times, and in particular at low volumes. An alignment of sensor performance to user-specific requirements by means of a model-aided sensor design is possible with comparatively little overhead.

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Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
Funding Number: 18321N
Duration: 01.09.2014 to 31.08.2016
Maturity Level: Research


Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Schwenck
Phone: +49 711 685-84790