Integration Technology for Autonomic Sensor Systems (ITAS)

Printed antenna on mold package

In the project ITAS PCB based thermoset mold packages based on epoxy molding compounds (EMC) were built up using film assisted molding (FAM). Antennas were inkjet-printed on the molded surfaces using nano silver inks. It could be demonstrated that thermoset substrates are suitable for printing functional structures on the thermoset surface and thus enhancing the integration density of sensor systems. Methods to connect the printed antennas on the molded surface to the PCB surface were evaluated. This could be achieved by means of inkjet printing of a conductor line over a molded via with open access to the PCB connecting pads. Another connection was realized by spring contacts which were assembled on the PCB by soldering or conductive adhesive and then embedded via FAM. Then the spring contact surface protruding from the EMC could be connected by inkjet printing of a conductor line. Finally, by means of inkjet and FAM technology a demonstrator mold module with integrated antenna and sensors was fabricated. This module was further integrated into a technology demonstrator consisting of a sensor and a camera module. Thus it could be shown that FAM is eminently suitable for the encapsulation of sensitive electronic components.

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Sponsor: BMBF
Promoter: VDI Technologiezenturm GmbH
Funding Number: 16SV5969
Duration: 01.10.2012 to 30.06.2015
Cooperation Partner: Bosch, Micropelt, IMS Chips, Würth, Binder
Maturity Level: Research > Research pattern


Dr. Jürgen Keck
Phone: 0711-685-84788