Development of a highly accurate inclination sensor with innovative acceleration compensation for mobile applications (INAC)

Acceleration compensated inclination sensor

The project partners Posital GmbH, 2E-mechatronic GmbH and Co. KG, MicroMountains AG and Hahn-Schickard developed a highly accurate inclination angle measuring system with innovative acceleration compensation in the ZIM project INAC. This provides the possibility to dynamically detect the inclination angle in two sensor axes over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C with an absolute accuracy of ± 0.2 ° (static) and <± 0.5 ° (dynamic).

By sensor fusion of a high-precision static inclination sensor element in combination with a gyroscope for detecting dynamic inclination changes, an acceleration-compensated inclination signal is achieved. Thus, for instance, accelerations occurring during acceleration or deceleration of an automobile can be compensated and consequently a stable inclination signal can be provided. In the case of conventional inclination sensors, an incorrect display of the inclination angle occurs in this case.

The sensor has been equipped by Posital GmbH with customer-specific sensor interfaces and is now just before the market launch.

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Sponsor: ZIM
Funding Number: 2146330PR3
Duration: 01.04.2014 to 31.03.2016
Maturity Level: Research > Research pattern > Prototype > Product


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