Configurable LED-lighting with modular design based on 3D-MID

Thermal simulation of methods for heat management of LEDs on 3D-MID

In this research project a modular, intelligent approach to 3D-LED Light modules is realized, empowering a potential user to individually configure 3D lighting modules for his application. The 3D capability of MID technology enables the integration of additional functions as well as realization of design orientated lighting concepts.

High efficiency and long life are reasons for the growing importance of LED technology in lighting applications. Therefore the use of LED lighting for indoor or outdoor lighting applications is increasing at high rate. Combining the freedom of a 3D arrangement of LED with intelligent, compact driver electronics and sensors enables a wide range of new lighting functionalities, including programmable light profiles and directional lighting without mechanically moving parts. The simulation of temperature distribution on the MID enables the assessment of different methods for heat dissipation already in the concept phase.

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Sponsor: BMBF
Funding Number: 16ES0201
Duration: 01.08.2014 to 31.07.2017
Cooperation Partner: Nimbus Group GmbH, 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG, PE Productivity Engineering GmbH, ASSDEV GmbH
Maturity Level: Research


Maximilian Barth
Phone: +49 711 685-83828

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