Point-of-care-system for the rapid identification of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (FasterPCR)

Infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria combined with breast or colon cancer lead to the majority of deaths worldwide. As fast and reliable diagnostic methods enable a timely and specifically effective treatment in such cases, they are invaluable. The FasterPCR Project (fast automated diagnostic system targeting severe resistant pathogens and cancer) is aimed at a point-of-care system that facilitates the non-invasive testing of the presence both breast cancer and colon cancer DNA and of multi-resistant bacteria in the body. The system is fully automated and consists of a processing unit and inexpensive disposable prototypes. The analysis of patient specimens directly on-site prevents delays and the logistical expenditure incurred by the transportation of specimens to a central laboratory. Physicians are given a powerful diagnostics tool that can detect serious infections or cancer at an early stage, allowing them to initiate treatment that is tailored to a specific type of cancer or bacterial resistance.

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Sponsor: BMBF
Promoter: Project Management Jülich
Funding Number: 68330
Duration: 01.02.2015 to 31.08.2018
Cooperation Partner: Altona Diagnostics GmbH, Datamed srl, E.L.T Werkzeugbau GmbH, StemTek Therapeutics, Fraunhofer-Institut für physikalische Messtechnik IPM
Maturity Level: Research


Niklas Klatt
Phone: +49 761 203-73249