European Ecosystem "Smart Systems Integration" (EXPRESS)

The EXPRESS Project has established a network for the support of the "Smart Systems Integration" – Ecosystems in Europe. This action will ensure that Europe retains and expands its position as a world leader in this rapidly developing field. The commitment on a technological, political and economical level will encourage industry, research, investors, educational establishments and users and enable them to use and gainfully exploit the possibilities offered by "Smart Systems Integration". These groups will recognize the necessity and the urgency to act together as an eco-system, thereby achieving exceptional economic growth and a high level of competitiveness with products and services in the "Smart Systems Integration" field. VDI/VDE-IT (Berlin) is coordinating the project.

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Sponsor: EU
Funding Number: 610551
Duration: 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2015
Cooperation Partner: VDI/VDE-IT (Berlin), FSRM (Schweiz), IK4 (Spanien), MESAP (Italien), MST BW (Freiburg), PmT (Frankreich), KTN (UK)
Maturity Level: Research > Research pattern > Prototype > Product


Dr. Stephan Karmann
Phone: +49 7721 943-133