9D-Sense - Autonomous Nine Degrees of Freedom Sensor Module

As part of a European joint research project, under the umbrella of the Clusters for Application and Technology Research in Europe on Nanoelectronics (CATRENE), a compact sensor system has been developed with nine sensory freedom levels – comprising a 3D gyroscope, a 3D linear acceleration sensor and a 3D magnetometer. The power supply for applications on the human body is supported using energy harvesters that convert body heat and the kinetic energy available during walking into usable electrical energy. The sensor information is prepared using data fusion algorithms for specific application scenarios from the fields of pedestrian navigation, medical orthotics and gesture recognition.
Our key development focuses are:

  • Integrated sensor output electronics for MEMS sensors as part of the development partnership with the Fritz-Hüttinger Professorship for Micro-Electronics at Freiburg University
  • Kinetic energy harvesting on the human body to improve sensor autonomy
  • Application-specific sensor fusion algorithms
  • Integration of hardware and software components in portable application demonstrators
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Funding Number: 16N11843
Duration: 01.01.2011 to 30.04.2015
Cooperation Partner: Robert Bosch GmbH, Bosch Sensortec GmbH, Gemalto, AMS, Micropelt, Fraunhofer ISIT, Universität Darmstadt, Universität Helsinki
Maturity Level: Research > Research pattern


Dr. Stefan Meckler
Phone: +49 7721 943-153