• TransferFab – Packaging Foundry

    We can offer you a wide range of processes for the manufacturing of mechatronic components from a single source

Hahn-Schickard is one of the leading research and development partners in the industry in the field of construction, housing and connection technology for micro-technology or mechatronic assemblies. With the TransferFab, we also provide initial and small series along with prototypes.

During the decision-making phase, large companies often require serial production quality prototypes that they cannot always produce in-house for capacity reasons. Small companies often only require quantities too small to justify investment in their own equipment and that would also not be economically viable for commercial service providers. Even if the market exists for large quantities and it would be possible to set up production in the company's own premises, the unknown market reception can represent an insurmountable risk for smaller companies and impede industrialization. For SME's especially, there is often a seemingly insurmountable gap between the transfer of initial research prototypes for new products and serial production.

In the TransferFab, we bundle our expertise along the entire MID process chain and close the gap between R&D and industrialization. To do this, we have developed all the key processes of the most important MID technologies under one roof:

  • Precision tool making
  • Injection molding 
  • Laser processing
  • CO2 snow-jet cleaning
  • Metal coating
  • Printing techniques
  • 3D placement with SMD, chips and micro-technical components

We support our processes with the most up-to-date analytical and test methods and, if necessary, with simulations (e.g. of injection molding and thermomechanics). This means that we can support you today in deploying MID technologies for your new products throughout the entire process chain from the initial concept to the verified prototype and initial and small series production.

To guarantee the required quality levels with our TransferFab, we  operate a category 10,000 clean room. We are, of course, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. 

To support the production of complex micro-systems, we are also an important node for the PRONTO production platform in the leading-edge cluster microTEC Südwest. Together with the IMS CHIPS and NMI research institutes, as well as a number of partner companies, we network our technology portfolio in order to maximize the distributed resources. 

The production in the TransferFab is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015!


Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Eberhardt
Phone: +49 711 685-83717