Back-end processes

Joining technology and support in setting up finished modules

We make microtechnical and microelectronic components into functional ICs, sensors and finished products. Our back-end processes are diverse: As well as the actual joining, connecting and assembly of components, we also offer a variety of special solutions for medical devices or energy-autonomous systems, for example.

Assembling ICs or sensors:

The following processing steps are needed in order to assemble functioning ICs or sensors: First, the components must be precisely positioned and secured. Then, contacting is performed using wire bond technology. There are various processes available here, such as wedge-wedge bonds or ball-wedge bonds (see wire bonding). Special contacting techniques such as laser-soldering have also been developed and successfully tested. The components are sealed using Glob-Top. Depending on the requirements, the modules or sensors are also assembled in the specific casing.

Special solutions:

With our expertise in bonding, adhering, contacting and housing, we cover all production steps from design to the finished component (e.g. flow sensors). While high quantities of 100,000 and more are achieved for slice-based production, the area of back-end processes is only designed for smaller quantities. After successful production and qualification of the prototypes, we also offer process transfer to external production. 

Optics systems:

Since recently, we have also been developing optics systems in the form of prototypes. Here, Hahn-Schickard provides both the simulation tools and a system for 3D printing of matching sleeves, housing etc. Individual optics components are produced either in the clean room with a microtechnical procedure (e.g. a micromirror) or with external partners (e.g. injection molding of aspherical lenses).


Dr. Stephan Knappmann
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