Pilot line for the production of lab-on-a-chip systems

We produce lab-on-a-chip prototypes in small series for validations.

Quelle: Harro Höfliger

We accompany you from production of prototypes through to small-scale serial production of lab-on-a-chip systems. Hahn-Schickard relies on scalable process chains, which include micro-structuring, reagents storage, and capping. The newly-automated pilot line allows fast and flexible small-scale serial production up to 200,000 parts per year. 

For small-scale serial production of lab-on-a-chip prototypes, Hahn-Schickard has provided a new pilot line since 2015 with an annual capacity of 50,000 to 200,000 parts. The scalable processes include micro-structuring, reagents storage, and capping. All systems were designed with the goal of high flexibility and quick product changes. 

The lab-on-a-chip prototype can be produced via hot stamping, micro injection molding, or the company's proprietary micro-thermal forming of films.

Storage of required reagents can be performed in a liquid phase in aluminum stick packs or in a solid phase in the form of insertable lyophilisates. For storage of dryable reagents, a filling machine is available that can pipette magnetic bead suspensions and up to 16 further reagents, as well as applying a local Teflon coating. Due to the flexible system design, prototype loading can be adapted quickly to other applications.

After a drying step, automated capping is also performed. Using platen sealing, adhesive films and thermal sealing films can both be applied automatically to the prototype. Required ventilation holes are cut flexibly and accurately using lasers. 

Operation of the pilot line in a clean room following the category 10,000 (ISO 7) guarantees optimum quality of the produced prototypes.