Layout and design of laboratory automation

To meet your need for on-site diagnostics or automated analyses, we develop integrated, disposable prototypes that automate even the most complex laboratory procedures. Examples include nucleic acid analyses including sample preparation, immunoassays, or clinical chemistry tests. Our developments are based on modular platforms with scalable elements for quick creation of low-priced, disposable prototypes that can be operated in portable analyzers. Development times and costs remain manageable for you because you benefit from our years of experience in automation using centrifugal microfluidics.
We base our automation work on your standard protocol. For this, our platform provides precise handling of fluid volumes in the range of 0.1 to 1000 µL. We have experience with a wide range of fluids (e.g. water, buffer, blood, urine, or ethanol). We are also pleased to provide you with an offer for more complex fluids (e.g. sputum), after initial testing of the requirements.

Our in-house simulation tools allow us to achieve high reproducibility and to start every development and optimization phase quickly and inexpensively on the computer. As a result, our experienced team can usually provide an initial functional laboratory sample after 2-3 months. We can usually provide a fully-functional prototype in 6-12 months.


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Hutzenlaub
Phone: +49 761 203-73269

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