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A new perspective with 'QSens': Quantum sensors for the future

The "QSens" innovation network wins the BMBF's "Cluster4Future" competition

More precision, deeper insights and faster measurement processes - quantum sensors enable high-precision measurements and insights that will lead to completely new applications in industry. In the future cluster QSens, the universities from Stuttgart and Ulm, in association with application-oriented research institutes such as Hahn-Schickard and an internationally renowned industry consortium (Bosch, Zeiss, Infineon, Airbus, Trumpf, Boehring Ingelheim, Rentschler Biotechnologie, Q:Ant) will bring quantum sensor technology to market maturity through their technology transfer. The goal of QSens is to make quantum technology versatile for sensors in industrial applications.

The potential areas of application are broad and range from the analysis of ingredients in the air to the pharmaceutical industry in the composition of tablet powder to the vision of a portable MRI scanner for medical imaging. The need for quantum sensors will grow strongly in the coming years in all application areas that require high-precision measurements.

Along with Hahn-Schickard, the following project partners are also involved:

  • Uni Stuttgart, Zentrum für angewandte Quantentechnologien - ZA Quant  
  • Uni Ulm – Zentrum für Qanten- und Biowissenschaften – ZQB 
  • IMS Chips  
  • DLR-QT, Ulm
  • Fraunhofer IPA 

Press release in German: Link zur Presseinformation Universität Stuttgart

Press release in German: Link zur Pressemitteilung Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg