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Boris Mizaikoff is a winner of the "2024 Advances in Measurement Science Lectureship Award"

Hahn-Schickard Institute Director and Chaired Professor and Director of the Institute of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry at Universität Ulm (Ulm University, Germany) Boris Mizaikoff has been awarded the prestigious "2024 Advances in Measurement Science Lectureship Award".

This prize is awarded annually by the American Chemistry Society (ACS), which was founded in 1876, and recognizes outstanding achievements in this field. The ACS publishes many scientific journals such as "ACS Sensors", "Analytical Chemistry" and "Journal of Proteome Research". 

One scientist from each of the three major geographic regions of the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific will be honored for a significant recent contribution to the field of measurement science. In addition to Mizaikoff (Europe), the awardees are Peter Nemes of the University of Maryland, College Park (Americas) and Juyoung Yoon of Ewha Womans University (Asia-Pacific).

All three awardees will present their research during the "Winners Week 2024" in an online lecture. At the same time, they have the possibility to get in touch and exchange ideas with the editors of the ACS journals. Boris Mizaikoff’s lecture will take place on Thursday, May 23, 18:00 - 20:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).

Please registere here for the webinar (external Link)




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