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European Innovation Council funds Dermagnostix with 2.5 million euros

Dermagnostix GmbH, a joint spin-off of Hahn-Schickard, Helmholtz Munich and Technical University of Munich, was one of 30 companies to qualify for a direct grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC) and will receive 2.5 million euros to bring its product portfolio to market under the new European In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation.

The medical technology company Dermagnostix has made it its mission to push back the diagnostic boundaries within dermatology and promises relief to patients suffering from the most common skin diseases psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. The clear result of its analysis means that targeted therapeutic measures can now be initiated. Dermagnostix GmbH, founded in 2021, has developed a molecular analysis method that provides rapid and unequivocal results as to whether an inflammatory skin disease is caused by psoriasis or eczema such as neurodermatitis.

Out of nearly 1000 applications from Europe, Dermagnostix won over the jury and can now look forward to its largest public grant to date. “Our automated method delivers objective and accurate results through a standardized workflow. Compared to established methods, which are performed manually and are therefore prone to errors, our diagnosis is reliable and available within less than two hours,” explains one of the founders, Dr. Katharina Dormanns, who was a microfluidics engineer at Hahn-Schickard before founding the company.

The funding will be used, among other things, to further develop and commercialize the “Analyzer” analysis device and the “PsorX-LabDisk.” The “Institut für Dermatohistologie Pathologie Molekularpathologie” (“Institute for Dermatohistology Pathology Molecular Pathology”) in Freiburg is the first pilot customer. The analysis cartridges are manufactured by Hahn-Schickard.

The so-called “EIC Accelerator” is a European innovation program that supports promising technologies to be identified, further developed and distributed. Twice a year, around 70 companies are selected for funding.

With its products, the 20-member team is doing everything in its power to establish a new standard in dermatology.

Press release (PDF document)

Dermagnostix fills a major diagnostic gap with PsorX, the world's first test to distinguish psoriasis from eczema at the molecular level. The innovative products are expected to expand the toolkit of pathology laboratories and hospitals. Source: Dermagnostix GmbH
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