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In-house research for reliability testing: We tackle it ourselves

With in-house research projects, Hahn-Schickard wants to advance knowledge development in its own ranks and find new ways to understand problems.

Technical devices and products are often exposed to severe environmental and operational stress during their product life cycle. This can lead to premature failures and can lead to considerable quality deficiencies. Therefore, early reliability analyzes and development (accompanying simulations) play a decisive role in today's product development. Hahn-Schickard regularly conducts research projects in order to address important issues independently of funding agencies and industrial partners and to make research results available to the general public.

In the self-research project EF-Kapselung-ElKo it could be shown that a reliable board level packaging by i.a. Critical SMD components such as ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors on PCBs can also be produced using thermoset injection molding. The subsequent environmental tests and damage analyzes were published in the "Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing".

Hahn-Schickard is currently using the results to increase the reliability of the life prediction of electronic assemblies using multi-physics simulations. The publication of these results in the "Journal of Microelectronics Reliability" is currently in preparation.




  •     Thermosetting plastic
  •     Electronics encapsulation
  •     Plastic injection molding
  •     Film-assisted molding
  •     Packaging