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Dermagnostix closes Seed Plus Funding Round of €4.6 M

The Hahn-Schickard start-up Dermagnostix is thus preparing for the market launch of its first products and developing further diagnostic tests.

The fresh capital will be used for the German and European rollout of a microfluidic system for the diagnosis of skin diseases, consisting of the "PsorX-LabDisk" and the "LabDisk-Analyzer". In addition, the portfolio will be expanded for further rapid tests in the area of skin cancer and chronic inflammatory skin diseases. With PsorX, the world's first test that differentiates psoriasis from eczema at the molecular level, Dermagnostix is closing a major diagnostic gap. The innovative products are expected to expand the toolkit of pathology laboratories and hospitals.

Dermagnostix is one of eight spin-offs from Hahn-Schickard in Freiburg and the University of Freiburg.





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