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Member of the European Parliament, Andreas Schwab, visits Hahn-Schickard

Professor Roland Zengerle, Hahn-Schickard director, and Villingen-Schwenningen's mayor Jürgen Roth received the Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Andreas Schwab, at the Hahn-Schickard Institute in Villingen-Schwenningen. The law graduate, who was born in Rottweil and earned his doctorate in Freiburg, was given an understanding of the EU activities at Hahn-Schickard, in addition to current examples of success in science transfer.

22 EU research projects - around 8 million in funding

Hahn-Schickard is an experienced EU research project coordinator or an active participant as a consortium partner since 2012. Within the "Smart Anything Everywhere" EU initiative, for example, Hahn-Schickard has been supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), primarily from non-high-tech industries, for more than six years in ordert o provide more easy access to digital technologies for them.

As a member of the advisory board of the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, the EU politician Schwab is sensitive to concerns from research and science. Thus, he had an open ear for the concerns especially in the allocation of EU research funds. Dr. Rainer Günzler, who heads the Business Development at Hahn-Schickard in Villingen-Schwenningen at the EU level, complained that the probability of success for project funding in the range of a few percent consumes more money for the application than is subsequently distributed in funding. Furthermore, the flat-rate payment for project overhead (7-25%) disadvantages all institutions that have high overhead costs due to expensive infrastructure - Hahn-Schickard maintains clean rooms and cost-intensive instrumentation, for example.


In a relaxed atmosphere, Dr. Andreas Schwab (MEP), Raphael Rabe, Jürgen Roth (Mayor of VS), and Institute Director Professsor Roland Zengerle (from left to right) met to exchange views, especially on research policy at the EU level.
The "Smart Caravan" - a showroom on four wheels - gave Jürgen Roth, Andreas Schwab and Raphael Rabe (from left to right) a better understanding of the topic of "Smart Home and Living".
Dr. Andreas Schwab, Member of the European Parliament, had an open ear for the host's concerns.



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