Blue Sky Project Competition Second Round

We are happy to announce a second round of the Blue Sky Project Competition.

Four proposals were submitted in the first round, none of which fully convinced the international peer reviewers. This was probably due in part to the preparation phase coinciding with a hectic and very early phase of our cluster with very limited time for thorough preparation. As a consequence, none of the projects could be funded based on the reviews.

The Cluster Management has therefore decided to start a second round of the competition.

Applicant eligibility: Member of an academic research group (University, Max Planck) active in nanodiag BW

Financial Volume: up to € 400 k

Deadline: June 2 2024 24 hrs; project start date t.b.d.

One pdf Document (English language!) to be submitted by e-mail to:

Applicants from Round 1 may submit again. When resubmitting an amended proposal from Round 1, this must be declared on the proposal and the referees will be made aware.

As in Round 1, all proposals will be sent out to three international referees which will be selected using the software tool “Referee Finder”. The final funding decision will be made by an ad-hoc panel consisting of members of the Advisory Committee and non-eligible PIs from nanodiag BW with extensive refereeing experience. Panel members will be selected by the Speakers.

About Blue Sky Projects: The Blue Sky program which is endowed with funds from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Science and the Arts invites proposals from younger scientists to follow an ambitious, new and promising idea (from basic to applied research to preparing a business case for a spin-off) independently with your own group. Compatibility with the goal of nanodiag BW to bring nanopore technology into practical use in diagnostics is an important criterium, as is scientific originality and plausibility. Funding use is flexible (personnel, equipment, consumables, travel). Projects can be planned for 3 years, independent of the duration of the first phase of nanodiag BW.

Procedure for Proposal Submission:

Get information on how to prepare your proposal here:

<Download of the Info Sheet>


Overview of the nanodiag BW Innovation Competition

CategoryBlue Sky

Innovative Leap /

Precompetitive Study

Who?Researchers at Universities and MPIResearchers at all public institutions
Project Amount (Duration)

up to 400 k€

(3 years)

100 - 200 k€

(1-2 years)

No. of fundable projectsup to 31 - 2
Funding SourceMinistry od Science, Reasearch and Arts Baden-Württemberg (MWK)Federal Ministry od Education and Research (BMBF) / Projektträger Jülich (PtJ)