6. - 9. November 2023, Freiburg (Germany)

Black Forest Nanopore Meeting

The meeting will bring together scientists and engineers from multiple disciplines who are engaged in exploiting the huge potential of nanopore technologies. A special focus is dedicated to advancing approaches in single molecule protein sequencing, the analysis of epigenetic modifications, and their prospective integration into diagnostic workflows relevant to personalized and precision medicine. The nanopore meeting is intended to foster early interaction between the multiple disciplines required for successful transition of these approaches into clinical practice. Scientific talks and posters are completed by an industrial forum reflecting the state of the commercial activities emanating from the field.

The conference is organized by the cluster nanodiag BW.

The historical city of Freiburg serves as stage of several social events as e.g. culinary conference dinner and guided tours to discover the historical town and its lovely vineyards.

Program Overview

Call for Papers will be open soon

Monday 6 November

13:00 Opening (Registration desk open from noon)


Session 1 Current developments in protein sequencing

Invited Talks t.b.c.


Session 2 Strategies for Enrichment of Low Protein Concentrations

Invited Talks

  • Jesper V. Olsen (Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR), Copenhagen University)
  • Karl Mechtler (Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna)


One-minute poster stage presentations

Poster Session

Tuesday 7 November


Session 3 Biological nanopores

Invited Talks


Session 4 Solid state nanopores

Invited Talks

  • Amit Meller (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)


Session 5 Micro- and nanofluidic integration of nanopores

Invited Talks


Session 6 Industrial Forum


Poster session

Conference Dinner at the Historical Merchants' Hall

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Wednesday 8 November


Session 7 Molecular transport through pores

Invited Talks


Session 8 Detection approaches

Invited Talks


Session 9 Microelectronics for signal amplification

Invited Talks 


Session 10 Simulation and data analysis by machine learning I

Invited Talks


Guided tour “Discover the historical city of Freiburg”, traditional drinks & fingerfood

Thursday 9 November


Session 11 Simulation and data analysis by machine learning II

Invited Talks


Session 12 Outlook

Invited Talks


12:00 End of event

Call for papers will be open soon








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