nanodiag BW

nanopore technology for the molecular diagnostics of the future

The Clusters4Future action "nanodiag BW" uses nanopore technologies to detect epigenetic factors influencing diseases - and brings the resulting diagnostic and therapeutic solutions into application.

nanodiag BW Innovation Competition

The Innovation Competition for Blue Sky Projects started a second round (Deadline June 2nd, 2024).

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Upcoming Events

April 18

3rd nanodiag Colloquium

Uni Freiburg, IMTEK-Campus

Building 106 SR 04-007

hybrid Event
all Coworkers of the Cluster
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April 19

Innovation Group IG #6
"Nanopore Applications"

Uni Freiburg, Institute for Infection Prevention and Control, Paul Ehrlich Room

all members of IG #6

June 25 to 26

Cluster Conference

Uni Freiburg, KG 2, Aula

(same rooms as Kick-Offf Event)

"General Assembly" for all partners

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September 30

to Oktober 3

Innovative Retreat

Schloss Hohenfels

all Coworkers of the Cluster

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