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Scientific publications

At Hahn-Schickard, research also means publishing findings in scientific publications.

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Rapid diagnosis of respiratory tract infections using a point-of-care platform incorporating a clinical decision support algorithm

B. Johannsen, D. Mark, N. Boillat-Blanco, A. Fresco, D. Baumgartner, R. Zengerle, K. Mitsakakis

Stud. in Health Technol. Inform. 2020, 273, 234-239. doi:10.3233/SHTI200646


Microbial Analysis of Saliva to Identify Oral Diseases Using a Point-of-Care Compatible qPCR Assay

P.N. Paqué, C. Herz, J.S. Jenzer, D.B. Wiedemeier, T. Attin, N. Bostanci, G.N. Belibasakis, K. Bao, P. Körner, T. Fritz, J. Prinz, P.R. Schmidlin, T. Thurnheer, F.J. Wegehaupt, K. Mitsakakis, J.R. Peham

J. Clin. Med. 2020, 9, 2945


Bioprinting of high cell density constructs leads to controlled lumen formation with self-assembly of endothelial cells

K. Tröndle, F. Koch, G. Finkenzeller, G. B. Stark, R. Zengerle, P. Koltay, S. Zimmermann

Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 13 (19), 1883-1895, doi: 10.1002/term.2939


RespiDisk: a point-of-care platform for fully automated detection of respiratory tract infection pathogens in clinical samples

M. Rombach, S. Hin, M. Specht, B. Johannsen, J. Lüddecke, N. Paust, R. Zengerle, L. Roux, T. Sutcliffe, J. Peham, C. Herz, M. Panning, O. Donoso Mantke, K. Mitsakakis

Analyst ….; doi: 10.1039/D0AN01226B


Automation of amplicon-based library preparation for next generation sequencing by centrifugal microfluidics

J. Hess, M. Kotrová, S. Calabrese, N. Darzentas, T. Hutzenlaub, R. Zengerle, M. Brüggemann, N. Paust

Anal. Chem. …., doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.0c01202


Fabrication of a Robust PEM Water Electrolyzer Based on Non-Noble Metal Cathode Catalyst: [Mo3S13]2− Clusters Anchored to N-Doped Carbon Nanotubes

P. Holzapfel, M. Bühler, D. Escalera-López, M. Bierling, F. Speck, K. Mayrhofer, S. Cherevko, C. V. Pham, S. Thiele

Small 2003161, doi: 10.1002/smll.202003161


Generic method of printing window adjustment for extrusion-based 3D-bioprinting to maintain high viability of mesenchymal stem cells in an alginate-gelatin hydrogel

F. Koch, K. Tröndle, G. Finkenzeller, R. Zengerle, S. Zimmermann, P. Koltay

Bioprinting e00094, doi: 10.1016/j.bprint.2020.e00094


In vivo evaluation of bioprinted prevascularized bone tissue

P. Rukavina, F. Koch, M. Wehrle, K. Tröndle, G. B. Stark, P. Koltay, S. Zimmermann, R. Zengerle, F. Lampert, S. Strassburg, G. Finkenzeller, F. Simunovic

Biotechnology and Bioengineering 1 - 10, doi: 10.1002/bit.27527


NANO-CHIPS 2030, Chapter 23: Energy-Harvesting Applications and Efficient Power Processing

T. Hehn, A. Bleitner, J. Goeppert, D. Hoffmann, D. Schillinger, D. A. Sanchez, Y. Manoli

The Frontiers Collection, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020, ISBN 978-3-030-18337-0


NANO-CHIPS 2030, Chapter 17: Analog-to-Information Conversion

B. Murmann, M. Verhelst, Y. Manoli

The Frontiers Collection, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020, ISBN 978-3-030-18337-0


Point-of-care testing system for digital single cell detection of MRSA directly from nasal swabs

M. Schulz, S. Calabrese, F. Hausladen, H. Wurm, D. Drossart, K. Stock, A. M. Sobieraj, F. Eichenseher, M. J. Loessner, M. Schmelcher, A. Gerhardts, U. Goetz, M. Handel, A. Serr, G. Haecker, J. Li, M. Specht, P. Koch, M. Meyer, P. Tepper, R. Rother, M. Jehle, S. Wadle, R. Zengerle, F. von Stetten, N. Paust, N. Borst

LabChip 20, 2549-2561, doi: 10.1039/D0LC00294A


Integrated paper-based sensing devices for diagnostic applications

A. Brunauer, H. Ceren Ates, C. Dincer, S. M. Früh

Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, Elsevier, …, doi: 10.1016/bs.coac.2020.03.003,
ISSN: 0166-526X


IrO2 coated TiO2 core-shell microparticles advance performance of low loading proton exchange membrane water electrolyzers

C. Van Pham, M. Bühler, J. Knöppel, M. Bierling, D. Seeberger, D. Escalera-López, K. Mayrhofer, S. Cherevko, S. Thiele

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 269, 118762, doi: 10.1016/j.apcatb.2020.118762


Versatile Tool for Droplet Generation in Standard Reaction Tubes by Centrifugal Step Emulsification

M. Schulz, S. Probst, S. Calabrese, A. Homann, N. Borst, M. Weiss, F. von Stetten, R. Zengerle, N. Paust

Molecules 25, 1914, doi: 10.3390/molecules25081914


Review: Library preparation for next generation sequencing: A review of automation strategies

J.F. Hess, T.A. Kohl, M. Kotrová, K. Roensch, T. Paprotka, V. Mohr, T. Hutzenlaub, M. Brüggemann, R. Zengerle, S. Niemann, N. Paust

Biotechnology Advances, 107537, doi: 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2020.107537


Mikrotechnisch hergestelltes 3D-Lorenzkraft-Magnetometer Sensorelement (3DLKM) mit neuartigem multiaxialem Betriebsprinzip und neuartigem Ausleseverfahren

J. Rockstroh, D. Krawat

Abschlussbericht IGF-Vorhaben-Nr.: 18631 N

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Improving the water management in anion-exchange membrane fuel cells via ultra-thin, directly deposited solid polymer electrolyte

P. Veh, B. Britton, S. Holdcroft, R. Zengerle, S. Vierrath, M. Breitwieser

RSC Adv 10, 8645 – 8652, doi: 10.1039/C9RA09628K


Inkjet-Printing of Nanoparticle Gold and Silver Ink on Cyclic Olefin Copolymer for DNA-Sensing Applications

M. Trotter, D. Juric, Z. Bagherian, N. Borst, K. Gläser, T. Meissner, F. von Stetten, A. Zimmermann

Sensors 20 (5), 1333, doi: 10.3390/s20051333


An Assessment of Thermoset Injection Molding for Thin-Walled Conformal Encapsulation of Board-Level Electronic Packages

R. Kulkarni, P. Wappler, M. Soltani, M. Haybat, T. Guenther, T. Groezinger, A. Zimmermann

Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing (ISSN 2504-4494)

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An ever-growing market demand for board (second) level packages (e.g., embedded systems, system-on-a-chip, etc.) poses newer challenges for its manufacturing industry in terms of competitive pricing, higher reliability, and overall dimensions. Such packages are encapsulated for various reasons including thermal management, protection from environmental conditions and dust particles, and enhancing the mechanical stability. In the due course of reducing overall sizes and material saving, an encapsulation as thin as possible imposes its own significance. Such a thin-walled conformal encapsulation serves as an added advantage by reducing the thermo-mechanical stresses occurring due to thermal-cyclic loading, compared to block-sized or thicker encapsulations. This paper assesses the encapsulation process of a board-level package by means of thermoset injection molding. Various aspects reviewed in this paper include the conception of a demonstrator, investigation of the flow simulation of the injection molding process, execution of molding trials with different encapsulation thicknesses, and characterization of the packages. The process shows a high dependence on the substrate properties, injection molding process parameters, device mounting tolerances, and device geometry tolerances. Nevertheless, the thermoset injection molding process is suitable for the encapsulation of board-level packages limiting itself only with respect to the thickness of the encapsulation material, which depends on other external aforementioned factors.

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A Novel Approach for Reliability Investigation of LEDs on Molded Interconnect Devices Based on FE-Analysis Coupled to Injection Molding Simulation

M. Soltani, R. Kulkarni ,T. Scheinost, T. Groezinger, A. Zimmermann

IEEE Access, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2913786, Bd. 7, pp. 56163–56173