dermaject® Intradermal Injection Device Is CE-Certified

„Arzthelfer in klein“: dermaject® führt die Injektionsnadel sicher in die oberen Hautschichten. Quelle: Hahn-Schickard


The medical technology product dermaject© from Hahn-Schickard start-up company Verapido Medical is now available for regular clinical use and studies

Fall is vaccination season, and for many patients that means receiving injections deep into the muscle, which is how many vaccines are administered. Intradermal administration systems, on the other hand, are minimally invasive, introducing the active substances into the upper layer of the skin, no more than two millimeters below the skin’s surface. This gives them several advantages over methods that penetrate deep into the tissue. The high concentration of immune cells in the skin ensures that a vaccine administered intradermally is significantly more effective and therefore offers much better protection. This is especially important for effective immunization and immune therapies such as therapeutic cancer vaccines.

In partnership with Hahn-Schickard, Verapido presents the dermaject® intradermal injection device, an innovative, easy-to-use device for intradermal vaccine administration into the upper layers of skin. The 5 cm-long syringe attachment contains a newly developed and patented cannula insertion mechanism, using microneedle technology and mimicking the Mantoux technique. In addition, a specially developed mechanism helps to prevent needlestick injuries. The cannula insertion mechanism has undergone extensive ex vivo and in vivo testing and has proven its ease of use and leak-tightness (Vosseler M. et al., Pharm. Res. 2011). Even at the high back-pressures that occur with very viscous agents, no leaks were observed. The single-use product, to be used solely on humans, is simple and functional in its design.

Verapido Medical GmbH is a medical technology start-up company operating in the area of medication dosage. This Hahn-Schickard spin-off company founded in 2013, specializes in the development of innovative, safe and comfortable equipment for injection and infusion in or under the skin. Other programs include a new device with precise, discrete depth settings for injections of botulinum neurotoxin, an auto-injector for pre-filled syringes, and an innovative infusion apparatus for subcutaneous rehydration of patients suffering from dehydration.

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