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Fighting drug-resistant bacteria – SpinDiag

Since 2016 the spin-off develops a mobile diagnostic platform for general practitioners to diagnose within 30 minutes whether a patient is infected with drug-resistant bacteria or not. The system provides laboratory-grade PCR results directly from a swab sample fast and at the point-of-need. The complete work-flow is fully automated in a portable and easy-to-use instrument. It features sample preparation, pre- and main amplification with ultrafast PCR assays. The solution helps to improve the effectivity of therapies and hygenic standards in hospitals in order to prevent multi-resistant infections.


Drug delivery in the skin – Verapido Medical

Verapido Medical GmbH is a medical technology start-up company from Villingen-Schwenningen specializing in medication dosage. This Hahn-Schickard spin-off company, founded in 2013, is focused on the development of innovative, safe and comfortable equipment for injection, and infusion in or under the skin.

Our most advanced product candidate at Verapido is "dermaject® intradermal injection device" or "dermaject®", a special medical device for the injection into the upper (intradermal) layer of skin. dermaject® features a newly-developed and patented cannula insertion mechanism combined with microneedle technology. Other programs include a new device with precise, individual depth adjustment for injections of botulinum toxin, an auto-injector pen for pre-filled syringes, and an innovative infusion apparatus for subcutaneous rehydration of patients suffering from dehydration.

dermaject® is a registered trademark of Verapido Medical GmbH registered with the DPMA under register number 30 2016 231 545.

Cytena – Single Cells on Demand

cytena develops technologies for cell biology and in vitro diagnostics. Its devices allow for dispensing micro droplets, which include single living cells. The start-up company was founded in 2014, supported by the EXIST-research transfer program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). Its services are based upon the joint activities of the Lab for MEMS Applications of the University of Freiburg and Hahn-Schickard in the field of microfluidics (Dr. Peter Koltay). The patented Single-cell Printer employs an inkjet printer cartridge. An image sensor ensures that every droplet contains only one cell. The micro droplets are being printed contact-free on a substrate – typically on a micro titer plate – or into a petri dish.

Liquid Handling for the nano-liter range – BioFluidix

BioFluidix GmbH develops contactless liquid handling devices for the nano-liter range. The Freiburg-based company emerged in 2005 from the joint research activities in the field of microfluidics of the University of Freiburg's Laboratory for MEMS Applications and Hahn-Schickard. It supplies the international market with patented medication dosing technology, coating solutions, and laboratory equipment (e.g. for microarray applications and low-volume pipetting workstations). These make it possible to reduce dosing quantities in life sciences research and industrial production, to increase throughput, and thereby reduce costs. The product range includes innovative dosing systems and consumables, as well as development services.

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