• Sustainability, energy and the environment

    Energy self-sufficient and intelligent sensors for power supply and air conditioning

Air conditioning systems appear in almost all areas of day-to-day life: in research for temperature setting in laboratory environments, in cars, at production locations or in hospitals. They do, however, consume a lot of energy. The thermal flow sensor principle means that very small air flows can be measured. This is important for air volume control. Our miniaturized sensor element can easily be soldered on PCB's thanks to the 3D MID technology. It even received a prize for innovation from the Research Association for Spatial Electronic Assemblies, and has been being produced in series since 2012.

Energy Harvesting is another approach that we we researching intensely. This concept looks for ways to convert the energy present in the environment into electrical energy, in order to operate sensors for example. These, in turn, are there to network and control computers and machines, for example, so that they only operate when required. Self-sustaining systems such as these are important in many areas such as production technology, vehicle building, medical diagnosis and communications engineering; they are used to manage and optimize the existing system and, through extending the operating life and the production of constant output, make it more energy efficient.. We are very happy to advise you on current technological advancements and trends in the area of sensors.