Optics modules

Integrated optics modules for sensor systems on the basis of the MID and PCB technology

Compact optics modules with a high integration density enable highly precise measurement. We develop and build both single optics modules, such as light barriers, and optics modules with high functionality and integrated signal distribution. 

Our expertise in the development and assembly of optics modules starts at the idea and design stage for the optical path for customer-specific applications, and covers everything from the design and assembly of the optics modules to their characterization and measurement. Within this, we use laser diodes, LEDs, photodiodes, chips for signal distribution, lenses, diaphragms and other optics components. Depending on the permitted building area, both housed and non-housed building elements can be used. The respective application determines whether the optics modules can be built for example on an MID or PCB basis, whereby the optics modules can even be designed to be reflow-solderable. 

In the current project X-MIND , we are developing an absolutely coded optical rotary encoder with a resolution of 1024 positions per revolution with a housing diameter of just 6 mm. 


Dr. Jonathan Seybold
Phone: +49 711 685-84771

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