360-degree deviation measurement

Customer-specific single-axis deviation sensors with a 360° angle range on a fluid basis

Tilt sensors record the tipping angle of machines and objects in contracts with the horizontals. We develop innovative, liquid-based tilt sensors that are based on a capacitative measuring principle. 

Typical areas of use are measuring technology, building and agricultural machines or automation technology, The liquid level, which is always aligned horizontally in the cavity of the sensor cell, results in a capacity change that is dependent on the tile angle when the electrodes are rotated. 

The key features of our tilt sensor technology are high precision and resolution, a practically linear sensor characteristic curve, low cross-sensitivity and straightforward calibration capacity. The special mounting technology makes it possible to flexibly adjust the sensor characteristics to customer-specific requirements. As well as sensor cells for +/-90°, the design of the differential capacity allocation of the electrodes means that it is also possible to mount tilt angle sensors for the angle range +/- 180°.  Tilt sensors based on our functional principle have been successfully mounted in semi-additive laser MID technology and as PCB-based elements. The latter have been successfully transferred into the industry and commercialized with the 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG company and in the framework of projects with MicroMountains Applications AG.


Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Schwenck
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