Tailor-made immunoassays for in-vitro diagnostics

A sandwich immunoassay detects various analytes such as proteins out of complex sample matrices

We develop novel immunoassays in order to detect various clinically relevant analytes like proteins in complex sample matrices. It is our aim to design the next generation analytical tests that are tailor-made as a cost-effective alternative for applications in the area of in-vitro-diagnostics, point-of-care testing and bioanalytical sciences.

We pursue new and innovative approaches for assay designs that are capable of detecting multiple analytes in parallel. Our assays will be compatible with standard test platforms like microtiter plates, lateral-flow devices as well as our LabDisk- and LabTube-platforms in order to allow for straight-forward assay integration.

In this context, the one-step kinetics-based immunoassay makes it possible to detect a protein in less than 30 minutes. The precision of a conventional, clinically validated immunoassay is achieved with reduced sample and reagents volumes, and fewer reaction steps. The new technology makes it possible to detect analytes quickly, cost-effectively, easily and precisely in real sample matrices of whole blood, plasma or serum. The detection of C-reactive protein (CRP) and other disease biomarkers in the clinically-relevant pathophysiological range has already been demonstrated. Various test formats, such as microtiter plates, and LabDisks have been used.

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Dr. Susanna Früh
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